Honda RCX

A.G. Peltz Group, LLC placed 43,445 square yards of 7 & 10 inch RCC at the Honda Facility in Lincoln, Al in 2017/18. Since the inaugural project back in 2000, the Honda Lincoln facility has utilized close to two million square yards of RCC, making in the largest RCC Paving […]

Alabama Power Company

A.G. Peltz Group, LLC placed 25,500 SY of 7”, 10”, and 12” roller compacted concrete for the Alabama Power Companies General Service Complex in Varnons, AL. Phase one of this project was completed in the fall of 2018. AGP is under contract to complete additional phases in 2019 & 2020. […]

Georgia Biomass Wood Pellet Plant

44,950 square yards of 15” RCC and 32,150 square yards of 9” RCC for a new wood pelletizing plant. Georgia Biomass selected RCC in lieu of asphalt based on the extremely high loading and expected reduction in maintenance cost with utilizing RCC.