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Support Equipment

2 – Blaw Knox MC30 Material Transfer Vehicle. 1 – Gomaco RTP500 Material Transfer Vehicle. 1 – Custom 3 Bin Cold Feed System


VDT 120/121: Dual tampers and vibration For the Titan 8820,525, 511 and 423 Manually extendable screeds have a modular design and they can be extended up to 13.0 m paving width and with hydraulic extendable screed extensions to suit job-site requirements. Each screed section is equipped with our patented Double […]

Mixing Plants

A.G. Peltz Co. Owns and Operates Aran Mixing and Rapid Mixing Plants Aran has developed a range of standard machines for application groups which are accurate, reliable and efficient. This is no accident. They are designed as integrated systems with consideration to the characteristics of the materials being metered and […]

RCC Pavers

A.G. Peltz Group, LLC uses both ABG Titan and Vogele pavers for RCC Placement. The Titan 8820, 525, and 511 are designed for placing all kinds of wearing, binder and base course materials in very large paving widths and thicknesses. Excellent for highways, main roads, rural roads, airports, and intermodal […]


A.G.PELTZ utilizes pneumatic combination rollers with rubber coated drums for density and surface kneeding. Conventional tandem rollers are also a part of the rolling operation.