Walmart Distribution Center – Topeka, KS

A.G. Peltz Group placed 173,500 SY (57,883 cubic yards) of pavement for a new Walmart Distribution Center in Topeka, KS in 2020/21.   The 12″ RCC was placed on top of a 6″ Soil Cement Base layer.    AGP paved over 1000 cubic yards per day six days per week, using two high density pavers in tandem (6″ lifts) at paving widths of 20-25 feet.  Joints were sawn every 12.5′ and sealed with a silicon sealant.  The entire project was troweled finished per Walmart request.

One of the unique challenges associated with this project was the accelerated project schedule.   Due to Walmart needing uninterrupted building access for project deliveries, AGP was asked to pave several lanes during November & December in Topeka, KS, often during periods of inclement weather.   With nighttime and morning temperatures frequently below freezing, AGP had to utilize thermal blankets on aggregate stockpiles, soil cement subbase, and finished RCC pavement.   In addition, paving windows were greatly reduced due to ambient temperatures.   AGP still delivered a quality project, meeting the allotted paving schedule.

Whiting Turner was the General Contractor on the project.  Supplier partners included NR Hamm for Aggregate and Central Plains Cement.