Tuscaloosa National Airport Apron

In September of 2022, the US Department of Transportation awarded the Tuscaloosa National Airport a federal grant of over $1M to support the expansion and reconstruction of the facility. This grant will support the reconstruction of the Tuscaloosa National Airport’s 600’ x 300’ terminal apron pavement and connecting Taxiways A2 and G, along with an adjacent apron pavement area serving the airport’s aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) facility. Reconstructing this apron area with concrete was vital to facilitate parking of 737 planes at the facility.

ST Bunn Construction, Inc. was the successful bidder on the project in the Winter of 2023. ST Bunn subcontracted A.G. Peltz Group to place 10,155 SY of 14” PCC pavement and 4,280 of 7” PCC. In addition to the concrete paving, the major project scope bid items included the removal of the existing asphalt apron, base replacement, cement stabilization (FDR), excavation, concrete spall repairs, joint sealing, and HMA base and wearing layers. A.G. Peltz Group started concrete placement in June of 2023 and finished in July of 2023. The schedule was extremely tight as all construction had to be completed prior to the season opening football game at the University of Alabama in September.

The FAA project specifications called for a 650 Flex and 4000 Compressive at 28 days. Test results exceeded this requirement with 28-day strengths at 700 and 5,600. Local ready-mix supplier, Bama Concrete, supplied the concrete mix which included a 4-part aggregate blend of limestone coarse and fine aggregates, and C-33 concrete sand. Atkins, Inc. did the design on the project.