Norfolk International Terminals

AG Peltz Group, LLC has placed over 411,000 square yards of RCC Pavement in five phases at the NIT facility in Norfolk, VA. The initial project was specified in 2005 based on comparison of four Pavement systems including PCC, Asphalt, Pavers, and RCC. The asphalt section was subsequently eliminated from consideration due to prior rutting and pavement puncture experience under similar loading conditions. The RCC section was selected based on the having the lowest anticipated life cycle cost of remaining alternatives. RCC was placed at a depth of 16.5″ utilizing dual lift construction with tandem pavers at 30′ paving widths. Over 450 cores/beams were taken from the initial project and tested for both compressive strength (2500 at 7 days), flexural beam strength (650 at 28 days), and lift bonding efficiency. AG Peltz Group exceeded all testing strength requirements and achieved over 90% bonding efficiency. The Port elected to place an HMA cap on the all the RCC at NIT to alleviate differential settlement concerns. The thickness of this cap was reduced from 3″ to 1.5″ as the phasing continued.