I-59 Interstate Reconstruction in Dekalb County

A.G. Peltz Group is in the process of reconstructing 8 miles of Interstate 59 in Dekalb County. This ALDOT project was designed using an alternate-design, alternate-bid process (AD/AB) with options for both concrete and asphalt paving. The purpose of this approach is to generate interindustry competition which lowers costs for the taxpayer. The bid result of $40.7M for the concrete option was awarded in December of 2022, saving ALDOT over 14% in comparison to the HMA alternate. The final price was on the low end of ALDOT’s bid bracket estimate range of $38.7M to $47.1M.

The major project bid items include removal of the existing interstate, excavation, grading, drainage, striping, base, and paving. The paving consists of 134,379 SY of 12” mainline and inside shoulder pavement and 46,354 SY of 8” outside shoulder pavement – all constructed over 4” of permeable cement treated base (PCTB). The project is being constructed in two four-mile phases utilizing a contract flow traffic scheme. The first phase should be complete in May of 2024.

The project represents several firsts for ALDOT. For starters, this is the first ALDOT project where concrete was the successful bidder in an AD/AB scenario. In addition, this project is the inaugural use of PCTB by ALDOT. Finally, this is the first large scale interstate concrete paving project built by an in-state contractor and only the third concrete interstate project built in the last three decades.

A.G. Peltz Group is utilizing an on-site Erie Strayer concrete plant and a fleet of Wirtgen equipment for the PCC and PCTB placement. This includes a full width mixer placer, paving machine, and texture/curing machine. The concrete paving 28-day strength targets of 650 flex and 4000 compressive have been consistently exceeded. The PCTB is being mixed through an ARAN continuous pugmill and placed with a Vogele high-density paving machine. Supplier partners include Vulcan Materials, Madison Materials, National Cement, and Heidelberg Materials.