C&C Empties Yard Bayport

The Bayport Terminal Complex is approximately a 1,100-acre site south of the existing Bayport Ship Channel. The Bayport Facility opened in 2007 and contains 314 acres of current container yard storage, with over $560M in capital improvements planned from 2022-2032. While most container yard berths at Bayport with direct water access were constructed over the last 15 years, there is still significant undeveloped acreage across Port Road, providing an opportunity for joint ventures with existing port tenants. With such a significant capital investment in container facilities, the Port of Houston Authority continually seeks value engineering options to reduce construction costs without compromising service or quality. Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) has helped Port Houston meet this challenge since 2007, when A.G. Peltz Group completed the inaugural RCC project at the Bayport Facility. To date, A.G. Peltz Group has completed over 520,000 cubic yards of dual lift RCC at the Bayport and Barbours Cut facilities, ranging from 12 to 18″ in thickness. By the end of 2023, Port Houston expects to have over 400 acres of RCC in service, making it one of the largest RCC paving sites in the United States.

Integrated Industries Corporation is a full-service supplier of intermodal services, including container/chassis maintenance and repair, storage, and depot services. They had been operating an empty container chassis yard at the Barbours Cut facility, with congested access and severe storage limitations. Integrated Industries Corporation worked with Port Houston to identify a location within Port property that could alleviate these bottlenecks and provide a win-win solution. The result was C&C Houston Bayport LLC., a joint venture between Medlog and Integrated Industries Corporation to develop a 21.5-acre empty container and chassis yard on a site to the South of the Bayport Terminal on leased land from Port Houston. The site is accessed by a heavy haul road that connects Freight Station Road and Port Road.

C&C employed the services of Nigel Nixon & Partners, Inc. (NNPI) to assist in procuring contracts using a design-build process for the new facility. The empty yard comprised pavement, earthworks, drainage, utilities, minimal lighting, fencing, gates, and gatehouses. Roller Compacted Concrete was selected based on the best value of four different pavement sections, including PCC and HMA options. Keith Abraham, Project Director for NNPI, stated, “We elected to use RCC for the speed, cost efficiency, and surface finish.”  The prime contractor, Milord Company, contracted with A.G. Peltz Group to place 102,061 SY of 12.5” RCC in late 2021. Due to unforeseen delays with cement imports and aggregates, A.G. Peltz did not start paving the project until mid-year 2022, completing paving operations by October 2022. This project was recognized by the ACPA as Gold Award Winner for Excellence in Paving at the 2023 Annual Conference.