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Tuscaloosa National Airport Apron

In September of 2022, the US Department of Transportation awarded the Tuscaloosa National Airport a federal grant of over $1M to support the expansion and reconstruction of the facility. This grant will support the reconstruction of the Tuscaloosa National Airport’s 600’ x 300’ terminal apron pavement and connecting Taxiways A2 […]

Birmingham Airport Air Cargo Apron

In May of 2023, the Birmingham Airport Authority (BAA) approved a self-funded $27M contract with Stone Building Company for the construction of new air cargo facility at the Birmingham-Shuttleworth International Airport.  The new facility will span 53,000 square feet and include warehouse space, loading dock, mezzanine areas, and an expanded concrete […]

C&C Empties Yard Bayport

The Bayport Terminal Complex is approximately a 1,100-acre site south of the existing Bayport Ship Channel. The Bayport Facility opened in 2007 and contains 314 acres of current container yard storage, with over $560M in capital improvements planned from 2022-2032. While most container yard berths at Bayport with direct water […]

ALDOT I-59 Shoulders Trussville, AL

A.G. Peltz Group, LLC placed 128,000 SY of Roller Compacted Concrete on I-59 interstate shoulders for ALDOT in 2021.  As the pilot project with RCC for shoulder reconstruction, ALDOT elected to utilize Roller Compacted Concrete due to its advantages including durability and speed of construction.  The existing HMA shoulders were […]

Bayport Container Yard VII (CY7)- Port Houston

A.G. Peltz Group, LLC (AGP) placed another 90,000 + cubic yards of 18″ thick RCC at the Port Houston Bayport Facility.  The project was placed in two equal 9″ RCC lifts and production rates routinely exceed 1,200 cubic yards per day.  Project supplier partners included: Vulcan Materials, Ashgrove Cement, Charah, […]

Dal Tile

A.G. Peltz Group, LLC placed 43,000 of 8” RCC for a Dale Tile distribution facility in 2016 in Dickson, TN. The paving was completed using an ABG Titan 8820 with varied paving widths (8’-24.5’) due to various obstacles at the site. AGP also poured a concrete apron around the building […]

Honda RCX

A.G. Peltz Group, LLC placed 43,445 square yards of 7 & 10 inch RCC at the Honda Facility in Lincoln, Al in 2017/18. Since the inaugural project back in 2000, the Honda Lincoln facility has utilized close to two million square yards of RCC, making in the largest RCC Paving […]

TLT Empties Yard

AGP placed 4,500 cubic yards of 17” and 37,000 cubic yards of 12” RCC for a new empties yard container facility at Bayport. This design build project was unique public/private partnership between Port Houston and Terminal Link Texas (TLT). The final product provided TLT a 25-acre empties yard inside the […]

KCS Wylie Intermodal Facility

AGP mixed and placed over 100,000 cubic yards of both single and dual lift RCC for a new container facility for the Kansas City Southern in Wylie, Tx. RCC was utilized for the container stacking, loading, and entry / exit areas. AGP ran two ARAN 280 plants and up to […]

Hibbett Distribution Center

Over 62,000 square yards and 12,000 cubic yards of 7” RCC mixed and placed for the new Hibbett Sports Distribution Center near Alabaster, AL. RCC was selected in lieu of asphalt by the owner based on pricing and long-term performance expectations. The RCC was placed at 30 foot pavement lanes […]

KCS Salinas Victoria Intermodal Facility

A.G. Peltz Group provided the RCC paving for the reconstruction of the intermodal facility at Salinas Victoria, Mexico. The container yard consisted of 100,110 square yards of 17” RCC pavement and was constructed while the facility was in operation. A.G. Peltz Group worked with the owner to develop a paving […]

Georgia Biomass Wood Pellet Plant

44,950 square yards of 15” RCC and 32,150 square yards of 9” RCC for a new wood pelletizing plant. Georgia Biomass selected RCC in lieu of asphalt based on the extremely high loading and expected reduction in maintenance cost with utilizing RCC.

Lowes Distribution Center

Over 65,000 cubic yards of 7” RCC mixed and placed for the new Lowes Distribution Center near Rome, GA. RCC was selected in lieu of asphalt by the owner based on pricing and long-term performance expectations. The RCC was placed at 30 foot pavement lanes with control joints cut both […]

Thomaston, Georgia Dam

This project consisted of 20,000 cubic yards of Roller Compacted Concrete. Peltz was the general contractor responsible for all phases of construction including design, mixing, placement and compaction. “This project consistent of placing 9” lifts to create a stair stepped RCC overtopping protection for the Dam.

KCS Kendleton Intermodal Facility

The project consisted of 14” RCC for packer pads and 17″ RCC for the gantry crane wheel path as well as 6″ RCC for the trailer storage. Phase I and Phase II combined to approximately 50,000 cubic yards of 650 PSI flexural and 4,500 PSI compressive. In addition, Peltz placed […]

Honda Logistics Improvements

125000 square yards of 7″ RCC pavement for the Honda Logistics Improvements at the Lincoln, AL manufacturing facility. A.G. Peltz Group LLC was responsible for all site paving and base construction on the project. Paving system utilized 4″ of cement treated base which allowed the owner to use completed base […]