Bayport Container Yard VII (CY7)- Port Houston

A.G. Peltz Group, LLC (AGP) placed another 90,000 + cubic yards of 18″ thick RCC at the Port Houston Bayport Facility.  The project was placed in two equal 9″ RCC lifts and production rates routinely exceed 1,200 cubic yards per day.  Project supplier partners included: Vulcan Materials, Ashgrove Cement, Charah, Fordyce, Alleyton, and TLC Trucking.   The project was selected as an 2022 award winner in the Roller Compacted Concrete Industrial Category by the American Concrete Paving Association.

Owner: Port Houston
Prime Contractor: McCarthy Building Companies, Inc
Contact: Adeel Malik
Designer: RPS (Klotz)
Contact: Martin Gonzalez