Bayport Container Yard VI North

Roller Compacted Concrete at Port of Houston – Bayport Container Yard VI North. The project consist of 49,000 cubic yard of 18″ RCC Pavement. AG Peltz is utilizing two ARAN Plants for mixing and multiple high-density ABG pavers for placing. Pavement lanes are generally 25 feet wide. The POHA does not require sawing and sealing of transverse and longitudinal joints. AGP is utilizing an edging shoe at roughly 7.5% degrees of vertical to pave the longitudinal joints. Surface texture on the project is tight with a well graded 3 aggregate blend. Final paving should be complete in May 2016. This is the 4th RCC Paving project at the Bayport facility.   AG Peltz has also placed Roller Compacted Concrete Pavements at Port Facilities at NIT (Norfolk, VA) and Choctaw Point (Mobile, AL).