Port and Intermodal Facilities

KCS Wylie Intermodal Facility

AGP mixed and placed over 100,000 cubic yards of both single and dual lift RCC for a new container facility for the Kansas City Southern in Wylie, Tx. RCC was utilized for the container stacking, loading, and entry / exit areas. AGP ran two ARAN 280 plants and up to […]

KCS Salinas Victoria Intermodal Facility

A.G. Peltz Group provided the RCC paving for the reconstruction of the intermodal facility at Salinas Victoria, Mexico. The container yard consisted of 100,110 square yards of 17” RCC pavement and was constructed while the facility was in operation. A.G. Peltz Group worked with the owner to develop a paving […]

KCS Kendleton Intermodal Facility

The project consisted of 14” RCC for packer pads and 17″ RCC for the gantry crane wheel path as well as 6″ RCC for the trailer storage. Phase I and Phase II combined to approximately 50,000 cubic yards of 650 PSI flexural and 4,500 PSI compressive. In addition, Peltz placed […]