NS – Kansas City Intermodal Facility

In 2018, A.G. Peltz Group, LLC placed 46,400 SY of 9” RCC at the Norfolk Southern Intermodal Facility in Kansas City, MO. Paving widths were consistently 24.5” wide utilizing a Vogele Super 3000 machine and a Gomaco 500 MTD was utilized to help ensure an interrupted flow of material. The material was mixed using a Rapid 400c continuous mixing plant. Martin Marietta, Holiday Sand, and Central Plains Cement were the major materials suppliers on the project.

Except for weather delays, the project went smoothly from an RCC placement perspective with production routinely exceeding 1000 cubic yards per shift. The well graded mix produced a “tight” surface texture and the 15’ foot saw cuts have performed well to date. Anderzack-Pitzen Contracting was the prime contractor. This was AGP’s second project with Anderzack and 5th paving project for the Norfolk Southern Railroad.