Bayport Container Yard Project Featured In ACPA

Roller Compacted Concrete-Industrial (GOLD)

Bayport Container Yard VI South, Seabrook (Houston), TX
Contractor: AG Peltz Group, LLC
Owner: Port of Houston Authority
Engineer: LAN Engineering

As the nation’s largest port for foreign waterborne tonnage and an essential economic engine for the Houston region, the state of Texas and the nation, the Port of Houston Authority (POHA) currently handles about two-thirds of all the containerized cargo in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

May 2018 was a record month in the history of the port, with a total of 245,000 TEUs (Transportation Equivalent Units) moving through port facilities, according to the POHA’s website. When fully developed, the port authority’s Bayport Container Terminal will have a total of seven container berths with the capacity to handle 2.3 million TEUs in a complex that includes 376 acres of container yard and a 123-acre future intermodal facility.

With such a significant capital investment in container facilities, the POHA is continually looking for value engineering options to reduce construction costs without compromising service or quality. Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) has helped POHA meet this challenge since 2008.

In 2017, the POHA contracted with AG Peltz Group, LLC to place 40,448 CY of (88,621 square yards) of 14 in. and 18 in. RCC pavement and to mix 35,000 tons of CTB for Container Yard VI South. This was the contractor’s third RCC project at Bayport and fifth overall at the Port of Houston. With four in-service facilities at Bayport, the POHA currently has more 200 acres of RCC in service.

RCC, which is often called the third pavement option, provides the POHA a durable concrete pavement with an initial cost competitive with hot mix asphalt. In addition, the facilities completed at Bayport were put into service almost immediately following the completion of paving. Port Authority personnel also informed the contractor they consider the RCC pavement at Container Yard VI South helped reduce the overall project schedule, while minimizing downtime. AG Peltz, provided a quality RCC pavement and completed it a day ahead of the 40-day paving schedule.

ACPA has named the recipients of the 29th annual “Excellence in Concrete Pavement” silver and gold Awards.  A.G. Peltz Group was awarded the “Gold Medal” for Industrial RCC Pavements.  This marks the fifth time in four years that A.G. Peltz Group has won a national pavement award with the American Concrete Paving Association.