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Team Members

Tom Benacquisto

Operations Manager / Site Superintendent RCC Background: Tom joined AG Peltz in early 2012 after over 25 years of experience in the conventional concrete pavement market. In his short tenure, Tom already has a proven track record with constructing intermodal facilities. Tom was the project manager/site superintendent for AGP on […]

Chris Carwie

Business Development Manager – [email protected] RCC Background: Chris joined A.G. Peltz Group, LLC in 2005 and has been instrumental in the growth of RCC from a niche market to a readily accepted pavement alternative. Chris has been involved in the promotion of RCC for container terminals, manufacturing plants, intermodal facilities, and […]

Dan Vipperman

Project Manager – PE, CE – [email protected] RCC Background: Dan was recruited to A.G. Peltz in 2007 due to his construction and production experience with RCC on the Calvert City Metals and Alloys plant in Kentucky. As part of a value engineering effort, Dan helped design an RCC paving system […]

Will Gray

Managing Partner – CE – [email protected] RCC Background: Will Gray is one of the true innovators of RCC construction in the United States. As a founding member of the company in 1999, Will has been intimately involved in every aspect of RCC, including product promotion, feasibility, estimating, bidding, and construction. […]