RCC Pavers

A.G. Peltz Group, LLC uses both ABG Titan and Vogele pavers for RCC Placement. The Titan 8820, 525, and 511 are designed for placing all kinds of wearing, binder and base course materials in very large paving widths and thicknesses. Excellent for highways, main roads, rural roads, airports, and intermodal facilities, the Titan 525 is equipped with the EPM system. With its patented height adjustment system, the paver can be quickly and easily adjusted for thick lift paving. Since 2016, AGP has also become more heavily involved with conventional slipform paving. We currently have a Wirtgen 64i paver, which has been used on several concrete roadways, aprons, and taxiways.

A.G. PELTZ currently has (2) ABG Titan 8820, (2) Titan 525’s, (1) TITAN 511’s (predecessor to the 525), (1) Vogele Super 3000, (1) Vogele 2100, and (1) Wirten 64i slipform paver in our operation .

Titan 511,  525, & 8820 Standard Equipment
·Electronic Paver Management (EPM) control unit (525)
·Automatic Steering (stringline controls)
·High density screed capable of paving widths up to 50 feet
·Stringline, sonic, and laser controls for accurate grade control

Screed VDT 120
Laydown Rate max. 1650 tons per hour
Paving Speed max. 60 m/min
Transport Speed max. 3.6 km/h
Paving Width 10-50 feet
Paving Thickness Max 20 inches (500mm)
Hopper Capacity 19 tons
Engine Deutz Diesel BF6M 1015C, 259 kW / 352 hp

VDT 120/121: Dual tampers and vibration For the Titan 8820,525, 511 and 423 Manually extendable screeds have a modular design and they can be extended up to 13.0 m paving width and with hydraulic extendable screed extensions to suit job-site requirements. Each screed section is equipped with our patented Double Tamper System and a vibration system…

· Gas heated

· Quick and easy crown control adjustment

· Ultrasonic controls

· Adjustable amplitude

· High density and pre compaction


Several RCC Specifications were written from ABG Titan Brochures, for example; “heavy duty tracked pavers equipped with high density screeds capable of achieving at least 90% of the required final compaction” (Georgia DOT spec) as well as the Army Corps of Engineers, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes, Tennessee, Alliance, PCA, ACI, etc.